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#ETGiRC01Theme By: WHiZ

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    This channel theme is a basic customizable one you can use for your chat room. In addition to the standard colors you can override for the text windows etc, it offers you other options to customize, including a couple other colors, the ability to add an rss feed or a graphical banner, and to override the displayed name. This theme was created to get you up and running quick with a customized theme with no real work needed on your part, you can configure all of these options from the basic theme editing system.

    This Theme Features:
    * Graphical Window
    * Window resizing
    * Custom buttons

    How to Configure:
    To configure this theme's options beyond the standard ones, you need to edit the "script args" in the basic theme editor as described below.

    * If left blank the window will render with the channel name.
    * If a value is specified the window will render with this name instead. Aka supplying "ACME Support" would make that name appear in the channel rather than "#ACMESupport".

    * If left blank the window will render normally.
    * To add a banner graphic: Supply the word "YES", and upload a standard sized web graphic banner with your basic theme. The file MUST be named "banner.jpg".
    * To add an RSS Feed: Supply the name of the feed as shown/configured in the RSS Feeds List in the "Account" section of this site.

    * If left blank the window will render with designed colors.
    * To override the colors of the window name, the topic, and the rss feed: Supply an array in the following format "#,#,#" with the ETGiRC Colors you want used in the mentioned order.

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