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ETGiRC News ArchiveFriday, June 24, 2011

Please see below for our news archive. Click on the title of the news article you'd like to read. In addition you can also follow our news updates on twitter below.

Date Title
Mar 18, 2011ETGiRC Moving Forward..
Mar 25, 2010Beta Status Update
Mar 14, 2010Beta Update
Mar 4, 2010Website Goes Public
Mar 3, 2010Official Support Channel
Feb 15, 2010Beta Pre-Order Program Announced
Feb 5, 2010ETGiRC Beta Announced!
ETGiRC Moving Forward..Friday, March 18, 2011

As many of you have noticed, we haven't had any real status updates since early last year. Sadly after some major delays on this project last year, we had missed our initial release targets and to had to focus on some other priorities for a while.

Most of the delays were caused by issues that were completely unpredictable to us. One would assume that if you find an exploitable security flaw in an operating system, the manufacturer would step up and work with you to fix that flaw. Sadly, this wasn't the case. We had to spend months to create our own security fixes and work-arounds for operating system flaws.

However, while hitting most of those issues were out of our control, In the end, we feel we owe all of our loyal followers a big apology for the lack of communication on what was going on, and hereby commit to you we will make sure we keep you up to date on things from here on out.

As part of this commitment to step things up and keep you better informed on what is happening with ETGiRC, we will be doing routine news/status updates, and have even started a twitter feed to help with this goal! You can find it at

Thank you again for all of your patience, we are sure you will find the wait well worth it.
The ETGiRC Team
Beta Status UpdateThursday, March 25, 2010

We would like to thank everyone who has continued to show their interest in participating in the public beta, and also all of the well-wishers and those who are as excited as we are about ETGiRC.

The end of the month is quickly coming so we wanted to give everyone a status update. First off, we are still "planning" to have a public release by the end of the month and are working hard to make that happen.

However during some of our current phase testing we came across an issue on the 18th that we've been addressing since. We discovered a major security flaw in an external Microsoft COM Object that is installed by and used by thousands of peices of software from MS Products, Adobe Products, to many other as well. We likewise use this component in our software.

While we fully believe we can programatically "plug" the hole and that, coupled with our other security mechanisms would make this a non-issue for our software, seeing this is a greater vulnerability that affects far more than just our software, and just to be better safe rather than sorry, we would prefer to hold off on releasing until we have the updated component to release/install with our public beta instead.

We have personally called Microsoft about this vulnerability and have been working with them since the 18th on a resolution regarding this. While we hoped to have a resolution on this last week, we continue to expect one soon. When that fix comes though, is sadly out of our control. If it comes soon enough, we may still be able to kick-off the Public Beta this month though.

But fear not, we haven't been sitting our our hands during this time! We've been working on a bunch of cool wizards and things to make your life easier. We've actually been developing some things further than we had originally planned to at the first Public Beta Stage just to make sure everything is friendly to beginners while still providing many more features for the advanced users too.

So to keep everyone happy we wanted to release a couple new screenshots of some of the new things we've been working on that the public doesn't have access to yet. Below you will see some screenshots for a system we implemented last week. It is the MOTD Editing system for channels. While most channels we'd imagine wouldn't use MOTDs as elaborate as as these examples show, we wanted to show some possibilities.

The first 2 were graphics that were converted with our Image to ETGiRC Text Converter Program and we performed some minor touch-ups/dithering to get them into MOTD publishing size and added appropriate rules etc as well. Frankly prior to publishing one would probably have an artist touch them up further so they look even better than this, or one would build a MOTD and graphics specifically for the organization from the ground up.

The third image was just converted without any dithering or other touch-ups applied. You can see the extent of just how far one can go with our detailed text graphics mode with this one. While this wasn't converted to be usable for a channel motd, we wanted to show it as an example of how great the advanced text graphics could be for a text game on the ETGiRC platform.

An MOTD made for the QuakeLive Channel on QuakeNet

An MOTD made for the UT Channels on ETG

Just to show some possibilities for Text Games

* Update * We had a request to see the original Unreal Tournament Logo so we have ran it through our converter and it can be seen below. Please note it is not sized to be an MOTD at this stage. It was just run as a quick example. It would need a couple tweaks to be MOTD ready.

Image converted for the UT Channels on ETG

Beta UpdateSunday, March 14, 2010

We have had interest on an exact date for the beta. Right now the beta start date is still fluid. After the flood of interest last month, we made the decision to delay it to March to develop a couple more wizards and automated systems so that the average user would be able to more easily create Channel Themes. We think these changes are well worth the small wait. As of right now we are still on target for being able to go to Beta by the end of March.

On a side note, we have also opened a secondary Chat Room on QuakeNet named #ETGiRC. When we start the public Beta we will be releasing the Beta keys in both our main chat room on EnterTheGame and also the secondary room on QuakeNet.
Website Goes PublicThursday, March 04, 2010

Today our website is going public. This will help us keep everyone informed about the start date of the upcoming Public Beta, as well as allowing people to read more in detail about the ETGiRC Service and Features.
Official Support ChannelWednesday, March 03, 2010

We have established our official support channel in #ETGiRC on ! If you have questions, want to get the latest news directly, or just want to hang out you are more than welcome to join us there!
Beta Pre-Order Program AnnouncedMonday, February 15, 2010

For a limited time during the Public Beta Program, we are offering a special deal on ETGiRC Pre-Order Subscriptions. We will be offering an additional 6 months (over a $15 value) free to anyone who subscribes for the full year. This special offer will be for a limited time only so act while you can to ensure you get the free bonus!
ETGiRC Beta Announced!Friday, February 05, 2010

After over 5 years of development, today the future of IRC is revealed!

We are announcing a public beta program where we will be giving away a limited number of beta keys later this month. This will allow people to help take part not only in testing out the future of IRC, but in helping to guide its path with valuable feedback. We will be testing out various components, games, and load response of ETGiRC and the underlying systems.

We will be having a couple stages to the beta, where we introduce/enable various features at a time for the beta members to test and provide feedback on. Once that set of features is thoroughly tested, we will enable the next major set etc.

We look forward to working with the beta testers to help usher in this new era of IRC.

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