ETGiRC is not just another IRC Client, it is a complete evolutional leap in what IRC is, what IRC can do, and what type of experience it provides.It allows customized chat rooms/channels in much the same way that every website has its own look and feel. Now IRC can have completely immersive experiences for its chatters too. ETGiRC also offers Built-in gaming. You can play fun 2-d and text
games with your friends on IRC, find & play 3rd-party game servers with the game query, or you can even see what games your friends are playing with the buddy list! All of this, plus advanced skins, color topics, rss feeds, better security, easy scripting, channel motds, more colors, an mp3 player, and more. In development for over 5 years with patent pending technology, ETGiRC is going to usher in a New Era for IRC. The Future is HERE!
18thMarETGiRC Moving Forward..
As many of you have noticed, we haven`t had any real status updates since early last year. Sadly after some major delays on this project last year, we had missed our initial release targets and to had to focus on some other priorities for a while.

Most of the delays were caused by issues that were completely unpredictable to us. One would assume that if you find an exploitable security flaw in an operating system, the manufacturer...Read More

25thMarBeta Status Update
We would like to thank everyone who has continued to show their interest in participating in the public beta, and also all of the well-wishers and those who are as excited as we are about ETGiRC.

The end of the month is quickly coming so we wanted to give everyone a status update. First off, we are still "planning" to have a public release by the end of the month and are working hard to make that happen.

However...Read More

14thMarBeta Update
We have had interest on an exact date for the beta. Right now the beta start date is still fluid. After the flood of interest last month, we made the decision to delay it to March to develop a couple more wizards and automated systems so that the average user would be able to more easily create Channel Themes. We think these changes are well worth the small wait. As of right now we are still on target for being able to go to Beta...Read More

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24thDecReversi & Checkers Online
We have put the Reversi & Checkers multiplayer games on-line for the beta testers to try out. If you find any issues please report it to us via the "Report a Bug" link under "Help". Thanks!

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